If you do a quick survey on people who have hired a contractor for their construction project, you will get a mix of positive reviews and negative experience. Usually, good experience is as a result of excellent project management and communication from the contractor.

The contractor simply understands the job and gets it done properly. On the other hand, projects that are not so successful become so because the contractor has inadequately planned the project and fails to keep in contact with you the client.

At Dunamis, we believe as a client, you should look to work with a contractor who is reliable, understands the project and had great communication. Moreover, if the contractor is local, it becomes easier to work with the contractor and communication channel improves. For these reasons, we think it’s best for you to work with a local contractor for the following reasons:

Nearby Previous Projects

The contractor’s website and online forums are great places to get reviews and testimonials but it becomes better when you can actually visit some of the contractor’s previous projects. As the saying goes, ‘seeing is believing’. It’s easier for you to see the previous project of a contractor who is local to you and perhaps even talk to the owners of that projects.

Easier Communication 

We know it is the 21st century and communication has greatly improved from letter communication to emails, texts, and video calls. However, nothing beats face to face. Communication tops the list for why construction projects go south! So if you have the opportunity to hire a local contractor to improve that communication, you should utilise it. If you were working with an out-of-area contractor, you may have trouble getting to the people you need to talk to in urgent times. It’s easier to have direct communication with a local construction company when needed. At Dunamis, we have had clients drop in to have conversations on the progress of projects. We also constantly arrange site meetings with the project owner. In many ways, the project is jointly managed with you the client.

Able To Meet Your Schedule

One of the reasons construction projects fail is scope creep which leads to contractors always extending the completion time of the project. A local construction company would understand the workarounds of the local area, which means, materials, workers, and other resources necessary would be within reach to complete your project on time.

Local Area Knowledge

There are many aspects of construction that have to do with adhering to regulations. For instance, planning permissions in North London could be differently handled by Croydon council.  However, a local construction company wouldn’t have to invest in heavy research to make sure your project and all subsequent work meet standards. This because they would have done similar projects previously and become familiar with the standard solutions for that region. Without this peace of mind, you could find your construction stalled until a compliant solution is found.

Huge Cost Savings

A local construction company would not be as expensive as an out-of-area contractor. This is because a company not local to you might charge you extra to bring their teams and equipment to you. Additionally, out-of-area contractors have to spend more time travelling to the site, which is an expense that can add up. With local contractors, all the resources are already close to your site, and that means faster completion and bigger savings.

Promote Local Businesses

By hiring a local contractor, you will be supporting the local economy, indirectly investing in a small business, and creating more jobs. This ultimately will boost the local economy and help alleviate unemployment in the area.

After Project Support

To be honest, in construction, once a project is complete, it is closed. However, at Dunamis, we have found some of the clients calling us back for little projects such as marketing the property, cleaning, etc. It is easier for a local contractor to provide after project care than an out-of-area contractor who will complete your project and leave the area never to be seen again.


We are not saying you must use a local contractor for your construction project. However, we do recommend to consider the advantages of working with a local contractor as stated above.

If you’re looking for a construction company in South West London, look no further than Dunamis Construction. Offering a wide array of quality construction services at affordable rates, we will help you experience all the benefits of hiring a local contractor by building your imagination into reality. To request a FREE consultation and start planning your project, call us today at 02086832866