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3 Derrick Avenue

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Home Reconfiguration
Derrick Avenue.

Home Reconfiguration

The Derrick Avenue project was an exciting opportunity for Dunamis Construction to showcase our expertise in creating functional and visually appealing spaces. The project involved a double-sided single storey rear extension, complete with a comprehensive internal reconfiguration. The challenge was to maximise the available space while staying true to the client’s vision for the property.

The design team at Dunamis Construction worked closely with the client to create a solution that met their unique requirements. Our expert builders were able to extend the rear of the property, creating a spacious and light-filled kitchen/dining area with bi-fold doors that open out onto the garden. The extension was complemented by a complete internal reconfiguration, which included relocating the stairs to provide improved access to the upper floors.

Throughout the project, we ensured that all work was completed to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Our team was able to expertly manage all aspects of the build, including electrical and plumbing work, tiling, and decoration. This meant that the client could relax in the knowledge that their project was being handled by skilled professionals who were committed to delivering the very best results.

The result was a stunning new living space that exceeded the client’s expectations. The new double-sided single storey rear extension had transformed the property into a light-filled and welcoming family home, and the reconfiguration of the internal layout had created a more functional and harmonious space. The project demonstrated the expertise and professionalism of the Dunamis Construction team, and we were proud to deliver another successful project for our valued client.