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Building Refurbishment

Dunamis Construction Limited’s Building Refurbishment service is a comprehensive offering that provides solutions for clients seeking to improve the condition and functionality of existing buildings. The service includes an initial site visit to assess the condition of the building, followed by a detailed report outlining necessary repairs and upgrades. The company’s team of professionals works closely with clients during the design and planning phase to ensure the project goals are met. During the refurbishment process, the team carries out structural repairs, reinforcements, and installs new electrical and plumbing systems. Additionally, new doors, windows, roofing, and interior design are incorporated to create modern, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces.


Dunamis Construction Limited’s Building Refurbishment service also provides dedicated project management, regular progress reports, and meetings to keep clients informed throughout the process. The company prioritizes health and safety regulations and standards, adhering to strict risk assessments throughout the project. Regular inspections and monitoring of on-site activities are carried out to ensure compliance. Upon completion of the project, the team carries out final inspections and testing of all systems, provides certification and documentation of completed work, and hands over the refurbished building to the client. The service aims to transform existing buildings into modern, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing spaces, providing a range of benefits for clients seeking to upgrade their properties.

Excellence In Delivery

Dunamis Construction delivers excellence through collaboration, communication, and strict adherence to health and safety regulations. Our experienced team provides dedicated project management, proactive problem-solving, and adaptable solutions. We prioritize transparency and keep clients informed throughout the process. Our final inspections, testing, and certification provide a hassle-free, professional experience.

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Benifits with our service

  1. Improved functionality and aesthetics of existing buildings.
  2. Upgrade of the building’s systems, resulting in more efficient and cost-effective operation.
  3. Increase in the value of the property through modernization and improved performance.

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Our process

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Plan the project

Strategizing for successful outcomes with detailed planning and preparation.


Design to build

Combining creativity with functionality to produce attractive and effective spaces.


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Providing quality workmanship, timely delivery, & seamless project management.